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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?


How does SEO benefit my business? 
What is Digital Marketing?
How can Digital Marketing help my business? 
Should my business be on social media?
Is content important? Why?

These are some of the most popular questions that we get asked when speaking with new, or prospective clients. Some build their own websites and ask us for help with search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as digital marketing, others want the whole package, including SEO, social media and other services. 

To begin with, all of these questions are not asked by a client for the first time, and nor will it be the last. Secondly, you should never be embarrassed to ask about something that you don’t understand. We want you to ask questions because it means you care enough that you want to know about the topic and are willing to learn. Our goal is to educate you as we do the work so that you understand what we are doing, why we are doing it and how it will be beneficial to you and your business. 

Not only do we offer services, but we also offer consultations on what your business could be doing to help improve rankings and traffic as well as free impartial no-obligation explanations of our services and why they are beneficial. If you have any queries, or just want to speak to somebody about something, then get in touch using the contact form above. We’d be happy to help! 


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