SEO Audit

No Traffic On Your New or Existing Website?

With An Site health SEO audit, you can learn why

Picture the scene; You have a shiny new website. You’re excited, as you should be. 6 months down the line, you still aren’t getting the traffic you hoped for. There’s a reason for that.

While your beautiful new website may look incredible, it doesn’t it is optimised to rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Many new websites are built with being optimised efficiently for search engines, and that’s because SEO is not the same as web design.

At Famlee Digital, we provide a site health audit service to help you discover what could be preventing your site from doing what is was designed to do. We explain what is in every audit in order to educate you so you understand the benefit of SEO, and how it helps your business. We offer two services. See below for more information. 

Choose Your Audit

Choose the level of audit you wish for your site. Do you want a simple site health report, or would you like us to crawl your site and highlight areas for improvement?

Your Site.
Your Audit.

We don’t use a template document to support the audit. Each audit is done by our SEO professional and all supporting documentation is tailored to you and your audit. 

We hold your hand through the website optimisation process, answering any questions you might have.